First crop of hips

My first hips are now 95 days from fertilization and some are starting to develop colour.

As the season here will now turn cool but frost is not expected until at least May how long should I wait before harvest of hips. Should I base decision on time or colour.

I have a large hip (one of two) that I discovered had a big green caterpillar chewing a hole in it’s base. I destroyed the bug but the hole remains. Will any surviving seeds be viable and should I plug the hole, if so how do I seal it.

This is my first crop so every seed is important to me.


120 days; hips mostly red; seeds cream color (not green);

these are my indicators. You are in Australia? Wonderful place.

My major criteria - when the stem right below the hip starts to darken.

Russ, I wouldn’t try plugging the hole. The seeds may still survive.

You might consider to try planting some open pollinated seeds also.

Jim Sproul