First Clinophylla - Banksia Hybrid

It’s kind of anti-climactic but here it is.

There are several seedlings from this cross, ‘Riverbanks’ X ‘Silver Dawn’.

This is the sort of blossom only a rose hybridizer would get excited about. lol



I think singles are beautiful.

And wow. You’ve combined so many odd genes together.

Hi Enrique, Yes, I wanted to go for combining species that are endemic to warmer climates. As far as I know these species have never been combined before.

There are several other seedlings from this cross. Hopefully I’ll get some doubles and more variation in color. At any rate I’m very pleased with this one. I wish I had caught the blossom before the stamens went dark.

Thanks, Robert

Robert, very nice work. It will be interesting to see where this line takes you.

Jim Sproul

Thanks Jim. I was hoping for some variability in seedlings and there appears to be.

Riverbanks x Ganges Mist is coming along next.

I’ve been utilizing I89-2. Lots of pollen there! I really like that one.