First Clinophylla Banksia Hybrid

I found my first germination of Riverbanks x Silver Dawn this morning.

The cross includes significant amounts of R. sempervirens and R. californica.

This is one of the crosses from last seasons work I’ve been anxious to see germinate.

Very cool Robert. Can’t wait to see some photos in the near future. Good luck with this one.

Thanks Rob, it’s a different direction to be sure.

With any luck I’ll see the first blossom this Spring.

That’s awesome Robert,

I am looking forward to growing both of those roses this year along with Lila Banks and New Blush. A lot of potential lies within those kinds of crosses.

Great Job!!!


Thanks Mike, you should have some fun with those. I’m going to try to concentrate on incorporating yellow this season.

Cool! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m pleased. I really thought my banksia bracteata crosses would germinate first but so far not a thing.