First blooms of a new cross

[attachment 1817 22A-12.2.gif]

[attachment 1818 22A-12.gif]

A new cross has bloomed here in Gladstone, Oregon. This is the third bloom on a 10" tall plant that looks clean and healthy so far.

It is 22A-12, a cross of 22C-03, seed parent (which is the cross of Tournament of Roses X Lady Jane Grey) X 2i-07, pollen parent (Rosemary Harkness X Midas Touch).

Midas Touch was supposed to be continuous blooming, but it only bloomed for me in spring, mid-summer and fall sets. It had a touch of black spot too. Rosemary Harkness is a hybrid tea type that is robust, very clean and continually blooming here in Gladstone, OR.

John Jelinek

Gladstone, OR

Congrats, John! I love the warm glowing color.

Congrats, this one is spectacular.