First bloom questions

I hadn’t asked about bloom color in my original post, but I guess I should have.
Out of my OP seedlings of White Queen Elizabeth last year I only ended up keeping one, a tiny white runt which had proliferated centers and only three leaflets per leaf for his entire first year. But he was healthy and I kept him because of his small size.
This year he finally decided to make five leaflet sets, still a very short rose at only about 40cm, but now bushy with strong stems and still healthy.
Now his blooms are pink, and devoid of proliferated centers. I guess I am learning it takes a year for flower form and color to stabilize! Maybe this is very obvious to everyone here, but I didn’t realize it could take that long.


I adjusted the light a bit. It seems seedlings need 150/200 instead of 450. When leafs are formet 450 to 550 is a good number. Somehow with IR it could harm the weaker ones. Could also be fertilizer combination but I put the LED lights higher now and let them grow till they have enough light.

This one popped open today, lets hope it will develope complete flowers. First one is a half one.