First bloom on second Folksinger x Lemon Delight seedling

This is my second Folksinger x Lemon Delight seedling that has bloomed. It starts out as a nice medium yellow that fades to cream.

another pic of bloom as it aged.

I like that one.

Thank you Jadae. It’s not bad for a first bloom. Hopefully more petals in the next blooms.

Here’s the most recent picture of this seedling. It’s increasing in petal count with each bloom. The yellow is getting stronger as well. This one has showed no sign of disease so far. I crossed Midnight Blue pollen onto this seedling to see if it will set seed.

That’s very pretty.

Is it mossy?

Thank you Enrique. Unfortunately it doesn’t have much if any moss. If I remember right, many of the roses that descend from Lemon Delight don’t have moss. I have several other seedlings from this cross that I’m hoping will show some moss. One, a white that looks like it will be a miniature doesn’t have any moss either.