First bloom on Queen Elizabeth seedling

This is the first bloom on one of my QE seedlings. The bloom is way past prime but it gives a good idea of what to expect in the next blooms. It’s double and cream colored with a hint of blush pink. I’m hoping to pick up greater petal count in subsequent blooms. It’s got a bit of an OGR look to it that hopefully will refine a bit in the next blooms.

The color is amazing; I hope it does well for you :slight_smile:

Thank you Dee. I hope so too. :slight_smile:

Rob, how did you treat your QE seeds? I’ve been unable to get any germination at all from them over several years.


I set my seeds in moist vermiculite and stratify them in the fridge. It takes fresh seeds about 3 months to germinate. I’ve gotten a good percentage of QE seeds to germinate over the years.

Rob, it has a nice delicate coloring.

Judith, QE germinates about “average” for roses. I wonder if you need a different plant?

Jim Sproul

Thank you Jim. I’m hoping for more petals in the next bloom.

That seedling is far prettier than what I got, the petal count is impressive.

Thank you Max. I’m hoping for increased petal count with additional blooms.

Interesting… my QE is very potbound but blooms like mad and sets big hips easily, but the seeds never germinate. After 3 years of trying hundreds of seeds I gave up.

That is interesting. I’ve always had a good percent that germinated. Getting someting of quality is another thing.