First bloom on Queen Elizabeth seedling - nice peach color

This is the first bloom on a new Queen Elizabeth seedling from this season. It’s a nice peach color, the bloom is double and it has a strong fragrance. Since it’s the first bloom the petal count may increase even more with subsequent blooms. QE-2 has shown no sign of disease in its first season.

NICE - love the color, petal count and scent, too.

Thanks Lori!

Nice work Rob!

Looking very good! Keep us posted on the plants progress.


Thanks Timothy and Terry. Will hopefully have some future updates on this one.

The seedling has great color Rob and glad to hear that it is fragrant!

Jim Sproul

That is beautiful!

Nice seedling Rob! Was it an OP? If not, what was the pollen parent? Enjoy your posts and informative as well.


Thank you Jim Sproul and Oath5. Much appreciated.

Thank you as well Jim Provensano. This was from a batch of OP seedlings. Only two so far show any promise but there are a number yet still to bloom.

Nice seedling Rob. QE has mildew problems in my climate which prevents me from utilizing it but some very nice things have come from it.

Thank you Robert. I’ve never had any problems with disease when it comes to QE luckily. I’ve only had 3 seedlings that I thought were promising. One was my ‘Mary Brady’ (QE x Taboo - now extinct) that was a nice russet/orange color, a white double seedling this year and this one. I’m thrilled about the frangrance on this one. None of my other QE seedings have had much/any scent.

Rob, my supposed QE ( unidentified pink HT) seedling this year too had little scent and far less intense coloring, more of a creamy off-white/pink-yellow blend- you’re very lucky to get such wonderful saturated color. Mine also had less petals. It tried to bloom again in the summer but beetles ate the bloom so I will have to wait for next year to see if coloring improves. Your seedling will only get better.

It seems Queen Elizabeth has a really good, particularly strong pedigree and fertility, interesting stuff there in it’s family tree- but it’s disease resistance is quite curious which is surprising since my own, while I think maybe virused or otherwise poorly placed and never manages to be more than one cane (deer) - it never gets disease and I live in a very very disease prone area. Nice thickness to the leaves I think, they have a weight to the touch- you know?

I would love to see what could happen if one crossed QE with some noisettes, chinas or teas and inject some of the old world rose genes back into it’s make-up, but probably at the expense of hardiness, which QE is known for… Next year if my Crepuscule survives I will try and use it’s pollen. Peach coloring is my favorite!

When that seedling gets older, makes it an performs well you should try and cross it with Carefree Beauty or it’s Knockout based kin- an orange or tangerine shrub would be a HUGE hit.

QE crossed with Suzanne derivatives has produced some very good hardy roses, such as Alex Mackenzie, and Hawkeye Belle.


Thanks Max. I am lucky to have such a nicely saturated color on this one. I noticed that as the bloom aged the petals started to get a more quill shape to them. I really like this one and if all goes well it should be worthy of using as a parent. The other QE seedling from this season that shows promise is a white that has a blush tinge to it, OGR form and a nice light scent. I wish I still had my Mary Brady…that was a beautiful and strong russet/orange. Link below is for my Mary Brady. I agree with you that a healthy orange or tangerine shrub would be a hit. I’m wondering what would come of combining this seedling with some of Austin’s roses, ie Golden Celebration or Abraham Darby. Next season you are welcome to pollen and/or plant material from this QE seedling if you’d like.


I’m amazed at how many healthy and hardy roses have QE in their background. I think QE still has much to offer.


Thanks for the offer. Hopefully all will go well with the seedling. It looks so much like a keeper.


Thank you Max. :slight_smile: