First bloom on Golden Celebration x Illusion

Here’s the first bloom on one of my GCxI seedlings. Mostly pink with salmon and some yellow at the base of the petals. This is a tall seedling compared to other plants of the same age. It has good scent and even though the bloom form is not great it might be good for breeding with Illusion as a parent. It will be interesting to see what subsequent blooms look like.


I like it, very nice.


That is nice. I bet the petal count will improve considerably.

Illusion either as a mother or as a father appears to often(almost always) have good offspring. I wonder how much Kordes used it as a parent but did not report it.

Bob Byrnes has introduced one offspring:


Thank you for the compliments guys. Much appreciated. I’m hoping the petal count improves in the next blooms as you say Robert.

Yes, I did introduce the rose that Henry posted. Thank you Henry.

One can get an idea of what Illusion brings to the hybridizing table by going to my seedling link below and then repeat finding Illusion containing seedlings by typing Illusion into your browzer’s “Find” command.


Illusion is a great parent as one can see by your results Henry. I particularly like your 253 Folksinger x Illusion, 56 Illusion x OP, 331 Dortman x Illusion and most of all, 325 Folksinger x Illusion. I especially love the color of that one.

I should have written 325, (Folksinger x Illusion) x R-15. Does this one repeat bloom Henry?

Number 325, (Folksinger x Illusion) x R-15 has not shown any repeat bloom so far.

Even with no repeat 325 would make a great rose for the garden because of its color. Hopefully it will pass on yellow shades to offspring along with repeat blooming.

I agree henry. If it’s healthy and hardy I bet folks would love it anyway.

Rob, I love the color of your seedling - are you thinking of crossing it back with Illusion? It looks more tender than Illusion perhaps. I’ve never had the pleasure of growing Illusion.

Henry, your o/p Illusion red seedling #56 has gorgeous dark glossy foliage. Can you state weather o/p Illusion seedlings will likely be red or does color vary? And will it pass on this kind of incredible foliage in offspring?

What kind of habit am I likely to get crossing with Illusion? Will it give me large landscaping shrubs instead of tall climbers?

Henry, My favourite Illusion cross is #325. I see that your crosses with Illusion can bring out the doubleness, especially the red in offspring. Is it safe to work with Illusion to breed for red roses?

I’m very tempted to get this rose, but don’t know exactly how hardy it would be in my area. How recurrent is Illusion?

Thank you Dee. I don’t have Illusion at this location but when I relocate to another area it is on my must have list to obtain again. I would like to cross this seedling back to Illusion as well as some of the Austin roses. It is my hope that will Illusion as a parent this seedling will be safe in zone 4.

My experience with Illusion is that it will produce lots of deep reds and a good degree of doubleness in its offspring.


The experiance with Illusion at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is that it is very healthy, dies back to the snow line most winters, produces a big flush of flowers in the spring, some flowers in summer and another flush in the fall. Here is a link to the U of Minnesota Publication “Roses for the North” that goes into detail about hundreds of roses, Illusion being one of them. I hope the link will work for you. When I checked the website the server seemed to be down. If it dosen’t work for you try again later.



Many years ago I was asked by the ARS to write a “rose of the Month”. I selected Illusion. Below is the link to my present version of that article (I should update it).