First bloom from a cross with Florist's red HT pollen


I expect a second to open as soon as tomorrow.


This is the second one:


Very nice bloom form on the second one Henry. What are your thoughts on how using a florist rose will effect the hardiness traits of the seedlings? Are most florist roses rated at zone 7/higher or is there a wide degree of hardiness there? I’ve had a number of beautiful florist HTs but never considered using their pollen because I thought they all were bred in hot houses or very warm climates. I like your choice of seed parent.

Rob, I hope to be able to select (from subsquent generations) plants that combine the HT type flower with the hardiness of, say, the Canadian Explorers and/or the tetraploid species hybrids ( example ) that I am working with.


Great goal Henry. I wish you much success in that direction.

Another round of blooms, see:


Just in case I loose this plant this winter, I am taking the pollen to pollenate my hardy Explorer types plus I will put Explorer type pollen on them.

For you to be able to accomplish that cross, Henry, I’m assuming your florist rose was blooming at the same time as your shrub rose, no?

How many people have shrub roses and HT’s bloom all at once?

The problem I face is that my HT’s are currently in full flush when all my recurrent hardy shrubs are done. There are no hardy shrubs in bloom right now to cross with HT’s :frowning:

Dr. Svejda wrote of her future plans to cross HT’s with hybrid kordesii, but how on earth do you manage to cross late blooming HT’s with early blooming shrubs if they don’t all flower in unison?

Can HT pollen be frozen to place on next year’s (early) blooming shrubs?

Dee, sometimes when pollen is not available folks will simply go to the florist or the grocery store and purchase some roses and use the pollen from them, as in the thread llnked below. You can find other links by searching the forum for “florist” (without the quotes).