Finding a Flaming Beauty

I’m looking for a place to buy Flaming Beauty. I’ve tried the “Hard to Find Rose” web site - but the only vendor listed for Flaming Beauty is no longer in business.

Thanks in advance for help


Chances are that Eddie Edwards either has it or can find it. Probably Johnny Becnel grows it and maybe sells it. Rumor was that Becnel would have a web site, but I’ve not found it.

Becnel info:

8134 Highway 23

Belle Chasse, Louisiana 70037

United States

Phone: 504-392-0534 [Information] from Johnny Becnel Show Roses, Inc.

But new contact number for Johnny Becnel Show Roses says 504-394-6428

Anyway, you can try. Maybe someone knows Eddie Edwards’ number or email address.

Good luck.


“Eddie Edwards, a prominent rosarian from Louisiana, is currently working with Fortuniana in the New Orleans area with some success. He has grafted the Hybrid Teas, Agnes Winchel and Flaming Beauty (not known for their size or bloom production) onto it and produced bushes that are 4 to 5 feet tall, with up to 50 blooms apiece!” was given as Calvin Becnel’s email.

See also

just in case you need more confusion about the contact number for Johnny Becnel.

Eddie Edwards was captured on video giving a talk about hybridizing in December, 2007. He is a real whirlwind. He breeds for the showtable, discusses the merits of R. fortuniana rootstock, his strategy for breeding the best fragrent yellow, and even mentions a banana scented rose, Moon Over Miami. The video is about 45 minutes.


Find it here:

I once grew this rose. It is small, of low vigor and doesnt care for the cold. One is better off growing the similar Redgold in my opinion. Tequila Sunrise is better, too, but 10x more neon lol. Dream Come True came out this year. It is also similar, but more coral toned. But Funkhur is prolly the closest to it, and superior. However, it is impossible to find.

And there is my 2 cents + some change.

Thank you Don for the google video…awesome to see others that do what we do and the trials and tribulations they go throught too.


awesome to see others that do what we do and the trials and tribulations they go through

It’s doubly interesting, being a character study of sorts too.

I got my plant from Steve Singer of Wisconsin Roses. Give him a call.

I really enjoyed the video. It was interesting to see what someone breeding for show roses is thinking.