Final spreadsheet of 2009 work available for viewing

I amended the final list by adding information to describe some of the code seedlings I am using, including a URL for the HMF page for the item, whenever possible. I hope you find it of interest.



Congratulations Paul.

How I would like your seedlings to be mine…:wink:

Not joking it is very exciting and motivating to have the possibility to have such an overview of your purpose(s) and potential achievements.

Even if it could make us rather envious considering how many crosses we would like to be ours and how many are out of reach as so many vars are not universally available.To say nothing of your splendid pictures that make one dream.

Time to think duplicating in another environment is very worthy.

It is quite exciting and motivating also to consider how with very different environments, sensibilities and goals we all participate to a common evolution and infuence each other.

Yes, I second Pierre’s comments.

Paul, I have only rarely come across people like you (and so many other contributors on this forum) who so readily help others to gain a better enjoyment of this common passion, be it purely for fun, or for whatever other gain.

Congratulations, I hope some of these become masterpieces for you.

You are using a lot of interesting parents. I’m looking forward to seeing pics of the seedlings. Is the spreadsheet a list of all of the crosses you did, or just the ones that produced hips?

Just the ones that produced seed, Jim. I don’t record any crosses that don’t set seed. Mind you, I rarely have crosses that don’t produce at least a few hips these days.

I appear to have omitted the HMF listing for one of the roses I used a lot this year, 105-04-08. See URL:


I have created an entry on HMF for one of my other breeding plants, a self seedling from Ralph’s 0-47-19. See:


I got to say 105-04-08 is very beautiful.


Thank you. It has a remarkable color and sheen in person, something that doesn’t really come through in a photo. I am pleased to find that it is fully fertile in both directions and I have put its pollen on just about anything and everything this year. I’m curious to see what comes of it.

Paul, I like the look of ‘Old Port’. Is this the first time you have used it? Any feedback on this one?

Hi George,

Yes, this is the first time I have used it. It is a typical McGredy rose; vigorous, upright, with very well defined bloom form and excellent color. Sam’s roses are fast to mature, which is what appeals to me about many of them. I bought it 15 months ago solely for the purpose of incorporating its genes into my search for purple shrubs. I made several crosses using pollen on it and all failed to generate hips, so all I had left were crosses that employed it as a pollen parent.

Hips are a-chillin in the fridge right now. I won’t know whether it has merit as a breeder until late next Spring at the earliest. If i don’t like what I get, I will opt to try LeGrice’s ‘News’ instead.


Hi Paul.

At the very least ‘Old Port’ has one of those unforgettable sorts of names…LOL…good luck with it…can’t wait to see the result.

‘Old Port’ will work as seed parent but it’s a bit picky as to pollen.

You also have to catch it just right to make the cross.

Here’s a seedling I made a few seasons ago. I need to start using it. It sets hips.


BTW, is the ‘Anna’ you used the florists rose? I vaguely remember some mention by you when I first got onto this forum that you had at the time only ever used one florists rose in your breeding programme…Could this be the one you were talking about?

If this is so Paul, what has captured your interest in this one?

I must be honest Robert, I also spotted your ‘Old Port’ creation when I was searching the lineage of ‘Old Port’… It is very great that you, Paul B, and others are taking the time to document such work on HMF, as it also benefits others like me, when they try to assess the breeding capabilities of a potential parent in advance… Nice work!

I like the flower form of ‘Old Port’ it seems voluptuous…However I am interested to see how it plays out with dark purples…I am a real sucker for deep mysterious dark smoky shades in the red/purple/brown spectrum…So I will definitley keep an eye out for Pauls’result here, before I use it. Personally I hope it doesn’t bleach too much.


The ‘Anna’ I have used is the florists rose, yes. What attracted me to it? It was purty! I bought a bouquet of it from Costco a year and a half ago and it struck me as something delicate and yet luscious. Its coloring was particularly nice. So, I budded it onto an available R. multiflora and so it entered my collection. I used it just for the heck of it, mating it with a miniature that was of similar delicate coloring (‘Avandel’) which I knew to be quite malleable when used as a breeder. (See: ‘Won Fang Yon’) As it turns out, ‘Anna’ has made a particularly find garden plant as well and has shown exceptional Blackspot resistance. Who knows it it will have any virtue as a breeder or not.

I had hoped its pollen might work on one of my ‘Fortune’s Double Yellow’ seedlings, (see: '47-06-02' Rose ) but it didn’t :frowning:


I pollinated 943 flowers this year and got 470 hips (49.8% take). I’ve posted a spreadsheet of this year’s major crosses (link below). It includes all of the crosses that produced at least three hips, plus all of the crosses that I did at least four times regardless of whether they produced any hips. I haven’t processed all the seeds, so I don’t have those numbers yet.


Paul, I also love your rose ‘Won Fang Yon’. I have seen it a number of times… and its name is also unforgettable for the fact that one of my most precious pet dogs I had once, I had given the name ‘Fang’…he was a small black super-furry-cuddly Shar Pei breed.

Names can conjure up all sorts of things for us, and naming roses I imagine is a very special event for their breeders/owners…

Now every time I look at your YFW I immediatiely connect with my pet, so thanks also for the beautiful accidental serendipity here… :0)

Above should read ‘WFY’…apologies

George, the very reason I document seedlings commercial or not at HMF is to give a record of fertility and what the parentage is capable of producing.

Can you imagine the database we would now have at our fingertips had they taken the time or had the opportunity?

Mauves fascinate me and always have. That’s the reason most of my work relates to them.

‘Old Port’ has a reputation for being prone to Black Spot. That’s the reason I didn’t explore it any further.