fertilizing seedlings

Hello Everyone, I have several Carefree Beauty seedlings up and some have bloomed. My problem is when do I fertilize them, with what and how much. They are growing in a soiless mixture of half perlite and half peat moss in 3 inch pots. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Fred Perkins

Fred, I suspect that any water-soluble fertilizer at 1/4 strength in your water will work OK and won’t be too strong if not used too often. Let the plants’ growth be your guide.

If you have the plants indoors under lights, you might want to find a fertilizer in which the nitrogen comes mostly from potassium nitrate instead of urea. Dave Zlesak wrote an article about the problem of using urea-based fertilizers indoors (you’ll probably get some leaf burn). I don’t remember where it is, but maybe he or someone else can link you to it or send you a copy. Below is a link to an earlier thread on this forum.


Link: rosehybridizers.org/forum/message.php?topid=5253#5254

Peter, Thank you for your advice and referance to david’s Post. I will follow David’s advice. I appreciate your help. I am looking forward to receiving the spring newsletter. Thank you again. Sincerely, Fred Perkins