fertilizer and hips

okay another question, i must be adding to much fertilizer to gemini and 2 years

in a row the hips swelled and turned some orange when i opened the hips the seeds were black and no good. frank benardella told me plant them anyway but they were really bad!. now jim sproul told me awhile ago go easy with plant

food which i did. just rose tone in spring still bad seeds from gemini!. i think this

year i might not feed any food this spring to the mini and afew ht’s i use for

crosses. that way i should get good seed?. good idea or bad?.

Patrick, how old were the hips?

they were about 4 months and the were red now that i remember so i picked them and opened them up and they were black. thats 2 years in a row on gemini

that i here is so easy to use as a mother plant. and as i told frank and jim last

fall they were big hips!. so this year i’m not using gemini because shes very

big now and i want to enjoy the sprays i will get from her. thanks sun queen? right?. pat

Patrick, I remember reading somewhere about how with Gemini it works better to use the first flush of blooms for crossing. (It may have been in the newsletter or on Rosarians Corner.) Last year was my second year using Gemini, the first year no germinations, but it was a limited number of seeds and they were from pollinations done from the second flush of blooms. This past year, I made quite a few pollinations, all with the first flush of blooms and have had good germination rates.


Well, it sounds like the seeds are rotting for some reason. There are a few things you can try. I would pollinate on the first flush as Liz suggested and harvest earlier perhaps. You might also try using a fungicide on the hips and blooms. Third, after a rain, try gently shaking off the water sitting on top of the hip to keep it from possibly seeping in to the hip and encouraging rot.

Let us know how it goes.

thanks liz,judith. good ideas also i did use first bloom i always do first bloom.

Do you prune your hybrid teas much? Sometimes it seems that hard pruning results in large growth and big hips that don’t close as tightly to protect the seeds as those smaller hips produced by flowers on twiggier growth.

For what it is worth, here are my two cents. I use ‘Gemini’ a great deal and I am also a fairly generous fertilizer of all my roses. I have had many hips from ‘Gemini’ and usually get excellent germination. As for having black seeds, I’ve noticed more of a tendency for this to happen with hips that have a) grown so fat that they split before reaching full maturity and/or b)have been left on the plant a bit longer.

These days, I tend to harvest the ‘Gemini’ hips a little sooner than others, and usually when there is just the starting hint of orange (probably no more than 25% orange), and this usually equates to about 90 - 100 days from pollination. The majority of my hips I tend to collect in the 100 - 110 day range. ‘Moonstone’ is another exception that I try to collect earlier rather than later.

I, like Mich, sometimes use heavy fertilizer (I rotate years from all organic to chemical fertilizers, depending on variables). I have yet to ever notice a difference. However, I NEVER use high nitrogen anything–ever. Also, I dont fertilize dicots (like roses) in the latter half of the growing season unless theyre newly bought babies that I can store near the house.

thank you ladies good advice, they did stay on the rose till all orange i will try

again and remove hips alittle less color this time! also i will check the plant food i use to get lower nitro. pat.

Ahh Jadae, agreed, once again we sound very alike. I would say my fertilizing is about the same as yours…I rotate organic/chemical but avoid the high nitrogen content usually…and yep…I rarely fertilize later in the season.