Fertility of Rosa rugosa cultivars

If anyone has experience using the following Rosa rugosa cultivars in a breeding program, can you tell me what your experience is regarding their fertilty both ways. In the landscape, do any of them set open pollinated hips?

Rosa x paulii

Madame Georges Bruant

Mrs. Anthony Waterer

Mrs. Doreen Pike

Parfum de l’Hay



Sir Thomas Lipton

The Hunter

Sir Thomas Lipton- diploid quite sterile

The Hunter- triploid quite sterile

I grow the regular white form of Rosa x paulii. Unfortunately, I have never been able to get a seed from its pollen, and it never makes OP hips. I had high hopes for it, but it isn’t even exceptionally winter-hardy: It dies back some. I’m only keeping it because I like the blooms. It is single and once-blooming, and is a true ground-cover rose.

I was hoping for more responses but I do appreciate what I received. I knew ‘The Hunter’ and ‘Sir Thomas Lipton’ was not fertile as a pistillate parent. Are we sure both are not fertile as staminate parents? I thought ‘Sir Thomas Lipton’ at least would be. I’ll try it this year.

Roger- Rosa paulii is a mystery to me. If I recall correctly, the flowers produce a fair amount of pollen. Yet apparently it is not viable. I tried the pollen a few years ago and also didn’t have success.

The following search of this forum gives previous experience with the suspected tetraploid form of Sir Thomas Lipton.

Has anyone who obtained the seeds have anything to report?

Link: www.rosehybridizers.org/forum/search.php?searchFor=lipton&searchMsgs=Search

I am growing some seedlings of Joan Monteith’s probable tetraploid rugosa.

Joan, none of the seedlings has bloomed as yet but I’m hoping this will be the spring. I’ll try to take pictures and send anything you’d like back in your direction.

I also have a seedling of the probable tetraploid, ‘Will Alderman’. Thanks, Robert

Parfum de l’Hay makes no hips and did not have fertile pollen in my experiments. An awful, rust, mildew and blackspot prone rose, it was trashed after 4 years of misery without regrets.