Fertility of Betty Will

Does anyone work with Betty Will? I have used this rose for many of crosses wothout finding out is it is a good parent.

According to my notes it is reported to be fertile both ways. But that is all I got. It does seem from description and parentage that it deserves a shot at being a parent. It is said to blooms better than some similar roses like Th


It sets open pollinated hips very well, so it should have at least some fertility as a pistillate parent. It likely is quite fertile as a staminate parent. One problem though with this cultivar is the flowers ball readily and this negative characteristic could be passed on to its progeny.

Going by its close relatives/similar breeding lines, I dont see why it wouldnt be fertile but theyre not enough to go by for potential of offspring. However, I did find a lineage to correct on HMF because of your inquiry where an Erksine rugosa was erroneously used in a lineage when it was in fact an HT of the same name :slight_smile: (regards patents 6 and 9…talk about a flashback in time I never knew!)