Favorite rose of breeders

In another post I mentioned Rose Gilradi was my favorite Ralph Moore Rose. So what is you favorite rose from other breeders.

My list and some major breeders not all of them I have a favorite or a plant of plus I can’t list them all the different breeders but these are some examples.

Moore- Rose Gilradi

Harkness- Easy Does It

Swim- Oklahoma


Austin- Graham Thomas



Barden- Pam’s Choice (I think)




Carruth- George Burns

Lindguist- Tiffany


Couple years ago a list of healthy varieties was posted here.

The biggest surprise on list was Tiffany.

I don’t know that I could pick just one rose or breeder for a favorite. There are too many really great breeders and each with their own particular aim or “style”. And all of them have bred many great roses that I love! Admittedly Ralph Moore is probably the King of Minis but how could you not love all of Frank Benardells’s gems too. Or David Clemons’ race horses? It’s like that with every category I can think of too. Nope, don’t ask me to pick a favorite.