Fast ripening hips

Many rugosas seem to ripen their hips extremely fast. I have a Lac Majeau bush with the first OP hips turning red 1 month after flowering. This makes me wonder if the actual seed maturation follows the same fast course? Can I harvest my Lac Majeau hips now instead of waiting the customary 3-4 months? (By the way, Lac Majeau is great rose, hardy and thornless, also in the Finnish climate, but it does get a bit mildew)

I have learned by error that some of the fast ripening hips will fall off quickly and I’ll loose them unless I harvest them.

My species rugosas seem to hold on to their hips when they have past red and well onto the black and dried out stage. Some will hold their hips for over twelve months.

Here, once the hips are ripe, birds and /or critters start to feed on them. My crosses are protected by 2 by 2 inch clear plastic zip-lock bags, but the open pollinated hips are attacked.

Fun you start about the rugosas. I collected +/- 1000 seeds of Dagmar Hastrup. Don’t know really what to do with them. I took a couple OP hips from a bush but they where full of seeds. I think I’ll grow them for fun.

On a board I saw someone said that some roses doesn’t need stratification. Is the Rugosa one of them?

Madame Dagmar Hastrup seeds:


I can’t find the posting now, but if I remember right they were talking about Hybrid Tea seeds.

Rugosa seeds need stratification. I give my seeds one month warm stratification at room temp, then they go into the fridge. They usually start to germinate in about 2-3 months after that.