Fancy Stamens

This is a Sister seedling to the seedling provided at the link.


Very pretty–

I never thought stamins could be a focal point of a rose.

Geisha, Sheer Bliss and the older single HT’s are known for their stamens. Burgundy Iceberg may also be known for them in the future. Theyre purple/red!

Yes, and ‘Danty Bess’, ‘Innocence’,‘White Wings’, Flamingo’ are other examples.

I’ve been impressed by the results Jim got out of ‘Geisha’ so I am utilizing it this season as I have it. I might try this seedling on Geisha next Spring to continue to select out for showy stamens.

Jim gave me one of his Geisha x Baby Loe seedlings to work with but so far I haven’t been able to get anything out of it.

‘Burgundy Iceberg’ is intriguing. I was was waiting to hear what others thought about it. Any input? I love the color but I really hate mildew.

I would assume disease resistance is iffy.

I recently discarded a seedling that I had been watching for the last several years. It had as near to black filaments and very dark anthers as I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it got a bit too much powdery mildew for me…

Jim Sproul

Burgundy Iceberg is drop dead gorgeous here. But as you know, this isnt mildew country cept in September before dormancy.

So far I’ve had wonderful success with Burgundy Iceberg here, and no problems with mildew–yet. And I agree with Jadae, it is drop dead gorgeous. The stamens are amazing, but the whole flower is a wonderful thing.

Nice! OK, I think I’ll put that one my “too acquire” list.

I’m already planning my fancy stamen crosses!

Thanks Fara, Jadae!

Hopefully this link works, but a big time award winner in Europe last year (Astronomia) appeals for its stamen-on-petal contrast. Hopefully it will make it state-side.

First Light also has some of that, though I have not seen it in person…

WHen emasculating flowers, I often notice interesting stamen colors on doubles which I would otherwise never notice, and have wondered how many are reliably passed on.