Fall RHA Meeting in Palm Springs

The American Rose Society will be holding their fall convention this year in Palm Springs, CA. I hope many of you have made your plans to attend. Our RHA meeting is scheduled for 10 am on Friday, November 13th. For our program I have asked Jim Turner, our webmaster from Watsonville, CA, to talk to us about his hybridizing efforts and give us an update on our website. I hope, if we have time, to discuss an electronic form of the newsletter and how best to make it work. If you have some ideas on this, please discuss them with us when you are there. I will be bringing a new order of those nifty RHA caps. If you don

I hadn’t planned to attend the convention. Is the RHA meeting at the same location?

I may not attend but it would be nice to meet a few of you.

Thanks, Robert


Yes, the meeting will be in the same location, the Doral Desert Princess Resort, as the ARS convention. Look forward to meeting you.


That’s a big place and not my favorite venue. I used to sell them bedding plants.

I wouldn’t have a clue where to go and I’d like to avoid any crowds. I had pretty much vowed to avoid it altogether.

I’m not sure the time is going to work for me either.

Is anyone getting together before or after? Is everyone staying there too?

I may need to skip it which is a shame because as there probably won’t be a RHA meeting in this area again any time soon.

Btw, the Casino nearby has a killer all you can eat Lunch buffet for $15-. I’d be happy to meet some of you on Thursday, the day before if interested.

I’d much rather have a chance to sit and chat unhurried than stand around a harried convention facility.

I’ll be arriving in PS Thursday afternoon and leaving Friday evening. Would anyone be interested in getting together for dinner Thursday night? I won’t have a car, so it will either have to be at the resort, or I’ll need to get a ride from someone.

Jim, what time are you arriving? You’re flying in?

I have a class Thursday evening but I might be able to do something early.

We are flying out Tuesday and doing a bunch of sight seeing. My husband Larry and I are both geologists so places like the Salton Sea and La Brea Tar Pits are interesting (likewise Palmdale, home of the Palmdale Bulge).

We’ll be the pale easterners with no roses to show. (Winter came early this year.)

Ann, I used to give tours of the San Andreas fault. As I’m sure you know it’s responsible for the interesting Oases and thermal activity we have in the area.

They are worth a look see.

There’s a huge rift of fault gouge that goes on for many miles. It’s visible from some distance and looks like series of hills. They are primarily made of of rock flour. It’s nasty stuff when it rains.

I love The La Brea Tar pits. One could spend a day there easily.

There’s plenty to see. Joshua Tree National Park is stunning too.

Link: www.joshua.tree.national-park.com/info.htm


We have much to talk about.

I know eastern thrust faulting well and some about salt dome related faulting, but I didn’t know the relationships to oases. The thermal activity is a given. (I like to think that the roses in Iceland every so often get lucky and drop some seeds near some of their subtle geothermal features.)

Faults interrupt the natural subterranean movement of water in this area. Water erupts to the surface and forms oases. Some of them are geothermal, therapeutic. We have quite a few spas where you can imbibe and soak in the naturally heated mineral waters.

The indigenous native Americans considered them sacred.

Ground water in some areas is undoubtedly ancient and amazingly pure. Arrowhead has a bottling plant in the pass that bottles straight from the ground.

Isolation created a wide range of new species including the native Washingtonia filifera which now freely hybridizes with Washingtonia robusta.

Many of the old Hollywood films like “Lawrence of Arabia” were filmed here. The Palm Oases are beautiful. There’s quite a long connection to Hollywood.

As you know the area to the South East of Palm Springs is below sea level. The whole area was once submerged as part of the Northern most portion of the Sea of Cortez.

I could blather for a long time. Welcome to Palm Springs.

I’m planning to be out there from Thursday to Saturday. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Jim Sproul

I’ll be there too, Thursday through Friday evening.