Fall Newsletter

I have just spent several hours with the fall newsletter and there are still articles to read.

I want to tell Pete Harris how much I enjoy this newsletter. David Zlesak’s article on pollen germination is a great joy; in a past life I was a palynologist working with fossil pollen and I had read about pollen tubes and knew the mechanics, but I had never before seen a photo of the tubes growing.

I was dissapointed in the content of the most recent American Rose. This RHA publication shows how much good information is out there and how willing folks are to share.

If you haven’t joined, you’re missing a great read.


Thanks Ann for your support of the RHA. I, too, thought at this issue was great – lots of good info in there. Kudos to Peter Harris! It goes to show how much talent that we have in the RHA and have members that are willing to share their expertise. Now if we can just get more of our members to write an article for Peter - sure would make it a lot easier for him to stick to a schedule if he has enough to fill out an issue without a lot of pleading! Let’s do better for the Winter issue - topics always include Beginer’s Luck, and Breeding Groundcover and Low Shrub Roses. Send your articles to Peter by Dec 1st.

I’ve got mine. There’s some nice juicy topics to sink my teeth into. Just put a microscope on my Christmas list!