Fall Newsletter Was Mailed Today 10/1/09

The Fall newsletter went in the mail today to current members. If you don’t receive a copy in the next few days and believe you are due a copy, please contact me so I can review your membership status with you. Any members with valid email addresses who haven’t yet renewed from the last two issues were sent a reminder email. If your email address bounced, you didn’t receive a reminder before the issue was mailed.

Note to all members: You need to keep me informed if you change email addresses. I attempt to contact you by email when you are late in renewing so that you don’t miss an issue. We do not use email for any other purpose & do not rent our contact information to anyone.

Thank you Larry!! I got the issue and have started enjoying it. What a beautiful yellow rose on the cover by Jim Sproul!! Thank you for all the work you do Larry and Mary for RHA managing all our memberships and getting the issues printed and out. Thank you too Peter for your amazing work and persistence gathering and editing the great information assembled in our newsletters.