Fall Newsletter is in the Mail


The Fall newsletter was mailed today. Peter, with your help with articles, has produced another nice issue. Two extra pages in full color this issue.

If you are expecting a copy and don’t receive it, please contact me. There were ten members, whose membership expired with the last issue, that haven’t renewed yet. Perhaps you are one of those members. If so, it isn’t too late to receive the newsletter - just send in your dues.

The Symposium topic for the Winter issue is: The Most Fertile Parents. Please submit your articles and/or comments to Peter by December 15th. Now that the outdoor activities are winding down in the Northern half of the US, break out your pens, pencils or other writing devices and share your thoughts with the rest of the membership.

Hi Larry

It had arrived in Denmark, thanks :slight_smile:


Newsletter got here today. Well done! Already absorbed the whole thing!