Fall crosses?

This past February I harvested a couple of hips that had set on one of my roses in the fall. I planted them without chilling and today I potted one up in a gallon pot, no blooms yet. I am wondering if anyone in the warmer zones does any crosses in the fall. I am thinking about making a couple of crosses this fall and leave them on through the winter to plant next February. Has anyone else had any success with this? I know it will take a mild winter for this to work.

I usually have done them up until very late in the year. I stopped early this year to simplify harvest and get them before the critters did. Laurie Chaffin, of the old Pixie Treasures Mini Nursery, formerly in Yorba Linda, CA, said she used to do them until the first of the year. She’d get germinations from them right after planting.

Well, I’m sure not the guy to ask, but, yes I’m giving it a try this year. I got the itch when some cuttings of Thornless Wichs threw a few surprise blooms. I’m finding the TW’s grow pretty fast. I made about six crosses and I’m hoping they will hang on until December. I figured I had nothing to lose. Kim thinks I’m going to feed the squirrels a fall feast. :slight_smile:

Your squirrels (and rats) can’t be all that different from the ones here.