Fall 2007 Issue of RHA Newsletter--call for articles

You modest folks who have been preventing yourself from writing and sending in an article for the Newsletter may stop preventing now and start writing and sending.

The main symposium topic for the fall issue is “The Next Big Thing.” Share your thoughts about what is going to be “hot” (or what you think should be hot) in rose development and marketing in the next several years.

Some of you have noticed that the AARS selections of the past several years have not been all HT, FL, and GR. Some shrub roses have been in the mix. Although miniature roses have the Award of Excellence, should we see miniatures included in the AARS group? What about minifloras? What about new types of roses? What about new colors?

One of the neat things about rose hybridizing is that the persistence of one individual can create a significantly different kind of rose with its own market. As examples, I could mention Austin’s English roses, Radler’s Knock Out family, Ben Williams’s minifloras, Moore’s miniatures (yes, they used not to be part of polite talk among rosarians–but Ralph Moore persisted), Hulthemia and Bracteata hybrids (Ralph Moore, Chris Warner, and others), Viru’s Gigantea hybrids, etc. And more things being developed will someday get a lot of attention.

Where do you see the greatest potential for improvement in rose breeding?

Where do you see the greatest movement in rose breeding?

Got some ideas? Share them, and they’ll come back to you with interest added. It’s an investment that pays good returns.

I see a lot of knowledgeable rose people posting here. Most of them have never sent me an article or even a short note about something interesting they have observed or thought about.

Some are members. They’ve mustered the will power to pay those high-dollar dues every year to support the organization that makes this forum possible and supports rose hybridizers all over the world.

Some are not members. They’ve not yet pried that huge $10 or $12 out of the wallet, maybe because they get the skim milk without the cow, or maybe because they just hadn’t yet thought of becoming a member. Someone said a bunch would join from Rosarians Corner if we got PayPal. I understand that hasn’t happened yet, but we do have PayPal, via e-mail to Larry Peterson, and hope to have a PayPal link on our home page soon.

Members or non-members, you are all welcome to write for the Newsletter. I accept notes and articles from all.

If you’re worried about spelling and punctuation and capitalization and stuff like that, I’ll be happy to work with you. The main thing is to get your ideas written down and send them to me either by e-mail (in the message or as an attachment) or on a piece of paper in an envelope.


Please send me your ideas, articles (short or long), etc. If you don’t have any thoughts on “the next big thing,” send me your thoughts or suggestions on some other subject–the best way to transplant, the potting medium you’ve had best results with, the most efficient way to keep records, a particular variety you’ve had a lot of trouble (or success) with as a parent, an easy way to propagate a few plants of a good seedling, or some other topic.

If you aren’t sure whether some topic would be good, write to me and we can discuss it.

Please send your articles by the end of August so that your Newsletter can reach you in September.

Thanks for your help. Remember, this is YOUR Newsletter.


“Some are not members. They’ve not yet pried that huge $10 or $12 out of the wallet, maybe because they get the skim milk without the cow, or maybe because they just hadn’t yet thought of becoming a member.”


There are a lot of other reasons… I have mine.

My contributions to the forum are for free.

How much do you pay for this article?

Well it is joking. This Newsletter topic is a very interesting one so I will contribute.

You will have to revise my text as for me English is not a native language.

I only wish to get this Newsletter as paiment.

Could you please give more detail as to how to pay through PayPal via e-mail to Larry Peterson.

I would love to join the RHA but being in the UK makes the cost unfeasible.



Hi Jinks…

Simply send an e-mail to:


and request the PayPal form.

As far as I know, we don’t yet have a sponsor for the color cover on the fall issue of the Newsletter. If you have a rose you’d like to spotlight by sponsoring the color cover, please get in touch with me or with Larry Peterson. In the past 2 years we’ve had a number of very attractive roses featured on the cover–all hybrids by our members.


Peter - what is the best way to send an article for the newsletter?

I replied privately to Lori, but in case anyone else is waiting to know the best way–

I’ll be happy to have your article whatever way you can get it to me. Probably the best way for those with internet access (anyone who’s reading this probably has internet access) is by word processing file, preferably .doc or .rtf or .wpd (WordPerfect) format, attached to an email to me. If you have Microsoft Works (not to be confused with Word), which is found on some Gateway and Hewlett Packard computers and maybe others, please use the “save as” option to save the file as either .doc or .rtf (Rich Text format) since I don’t have any way to open files in the default Works format.

Several people have sent their articles pasted into an email, and that is fine.

If you’d rather do it the old fashioned way and print it and mail it to me in an envelope, that is also fine.


I’m working on my article - are you? Will you send one by the end of the month? Looking forward to a great newsletter as always. Remember, it is OURS! Peter sure could use your contributions.

If you are among the very many who have been waiting until a good time to submit an article for the fall issue of the RHA Newsletter, you are in luck.

This is a very good time.

I need articles for the “Beginner’s Luck” symposium (general hints and thoughts that are useful to all from beginner to oldtimer) and the “Next Big Thing” symposium–and I would be happy to have some on other topics. Please send them to me very soon since I’m working on getting the issue together.

A big Thank You to all who help make the Newsletter useful.