F2 Basye's Hybrid available.

Basye’s Amphidiploid seedling available

I have propagated one of my F2 Basye’s Amphidiploid seedlings with the intention of distributing it to other hybridizers who might like to do work with it. I will have plants ready to ship in another few weeks. Let me know (in comments or private email) if you would like to acquire this cultivar for breeding purposes.

It sets seed readily with a wide range of pollens, propagates easily and is immune to Blackspot and Mildew. It does not repeat but has the genes for remontancy in it.

See link for more info.

Paul B.

Link: paulbarden.blogspot.com/2009/06/basye-amphidiploids-part-ii.html

Paul, I would like to accept yet another of your many gracious offers.

Basye’s hybrids were unknown to me until last week when I encountered Basye’s Purple at the US Botanical Garden in DC. I have just been looking over his work through HMF and was thinking about obtaining Basye’s Amphidiploid, in fact. Your hybrid would be even better.

My first thought, given its disease resistance and latent remontancy, is to cross it with some of the Lynnie OP’s that I germinated this year. They appear to be homozygouse for juvenile remontancy and there is one that is fully double which looks pretty useful.


Hi Don,

I’ll put you down for one of these. I’ll send you an email before I ship it, to make sure its convenient timing-wise.

Paul :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

I think we had talked about this one on your blog. I would like to take you up on this offer also, if you have any left.

Thanks for your generosity,


Paul, I will take one if still available. Thank you!!


I got your postal mailing address, thanks.


Will do.

One set aside for you as well, Don.

I will ship these in four to six weeks, depending on how fast they establish a root system.