Ezzy - Anyone want some cuttings / Sucker

I have a rose called Ezzy that I was mistakenly sent instead of another rose that I plan to remove. Its a hybrid multiflora bred by Mike Lowe. Its fairly hardy and a quick grower.

As of right now its about a 5x5 shrub and growing like mad. Its actually not an unpleasant rose. Its flowering pink and white right now and is moderately fragrant. Its a once bloomer.

I am going to replace it with R. multiflora ‘Nana’ which is pretty much the same rose but with rebloom.

Anyone want some cuttings. I dont know if a sucker would survive if I cut one out but I could try sending some suckers too. It has plenty of suckers. If it didnt have enough, I could wait a couple of days and it would grow another one.

Hey Steve if you really like the hybrid multifloras I highly recommend Bukavu. I got mine last year from Heirlooms and Im loving it. It is basically like Rosa multiflora but repeat blooming, a little larger flower, a maintainable size and a red/white blend. Multiflora scent is definately there. Ive always thought multifloras sorta smell like honey. Will see if it sets seed this year. I’ll try Leonie Lamesch on it.

Thanks Jadae, good suggestion. I had not come by that rose yet.