Extreme dwarfing seed parents

Searching out for good seed parents that contribute considerable dwarfing and good health, especially here in the Mid-Atlantic. I do have ‘Softee’ and ‘String of Pearls’ and while the later is very dwarfing, it’s not a good seed parent and has to be used as a pollen parent. ‘Softe’ is good at setting hips.

I’m looking to use pollen from a few shrubs that also don’t really make very good seed parents/mothers but can contribute decent pollen. The goal is to essentially try to create a dwarf version of the pollen parent with perhaps more petals and scent. Any particular seed parents out there that tend to create offspring that greatly resemble the pollen parent?

What are some generally good dwarf shrubs or minis worth looking into? I’ve seen Baby-Love around at nurseries, have not seen it planted out in plantings here in Maryland however.

I’d thought Cineraire might work at dwarfing roses, but apparently it doesn’t. I haven’t raised a smaller seedling than the seed parent from its pollen, yet. Tom Thumb seems to work at dwarfing, but it’s hit and miss. I’ve gotten small minis from using its pollen on 0-47-19DLFED and smaller plants, but not “dwarf” using it on DLFED hybrids. My logic was, if it can tame Banksiae into Purezza, it should be pretty much able to tame anything.

Remebrance !! It carries to dwarf orange-red poly genes, in my opinion. It worked well for me.

Hey Max,

Just my two cents… ‘Baby Love’ was never very happy at all here in Maryland. And I’m pretty sure I read that someone else in Maryland had the same experience [maybe Olga???].

I wish I had something to recommend, but a good seed parent to contribute both good health AND dwarfing HERE… that might be a tall order. ;0)

I’ve never tried them but would like to see how things like ‘Sequoia Gold’ or ‘Cal Poly’ would do here.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record… I can totally recommend ‘Temple Bells’ to dwarf things. One of its parents is a mini and the other is Rosa wichurana, which dwarfs things too. It carries non-rambler and throws bush forms as well as ramblers and it repeats ok too. Not conventional repeat I don’t think but a main flush and then a scattered cluster or two every few weeks right up until winter. It’s almost like the repeat it carries from its miniture parent is leaking through. It also passes on good health and forms hips with just about everything. I’ve put it with Rosa longicuspis var. sinowilsoni and have about 6-7 seedlings up so far to try and dwarf this monster. My little seedling that I call ‘Thinleaf’ (on HMF under that name) is out of ‘Temple Bells’ and whilst I don’t know what the pollen parent was due to a bunch of lost labels that year I did splash ‘Anemone’ pollen all over it that year which resulted in lots of hips and this one reminds me of it in a very much dwarfed form. Putting normal floribunda pollen onto it I’ve managed small minis that have not exceeded 20cm tall and wide (so far). The seeds germinate easily and quickly. I really can’t recommend it enough.

‘Softee’ is great here too. Healthy, vigorous, and floriferous. It sets OP hips easily and this year it set hips with bracteata, ‘Cornelia’, and ‘The Fairy’. I’m hoping to smooth them out. No germinations yet. Mildew is an issue with OP ‘Softee’ seedlings; however, I did keep one mini that has stayed clean and tiny. I’d say it can dwarf things pretty well but you will need to watch for mildew.