Extraorindary Sale at EuroDesert Roses

I would like RHA members to be aware that EuroDesert Roses is having an incredible sale, with over 150 rare and unusual roses marked down to $8.95 each, which is 50-60% of usual prices.

Here is the announcement:

Announcing an Extraordinary Sale at Unprecedented Prices!

The response to our early spring appeal to support our independent rose nurseries was heartwarming and reinforced our belief that the preservation of rare roses and the diversity of the rose for future generations to grow and enjoy is not something that should be taken lightly. Parallels may be drawn between our pursuit and the importance of music and art in our schools. For as the study and performance of a Bach cantata enriches our students in ways that may only be apparent years or decades later, so too does the ability to experience the incredibly rich history of the rose alter our lives in ways both obvious and quite subtle.

If you will allow us to continue our dialog as spring fades into summer, we and many of our fellow independent rose nurseries still face ongoing challenges that require the continued support of rose growers and lovers if we are to continue on our journey along the road less traveled by, to borrow from America’s favorite poet. As Frost wrote: “And that has made all the difference…”

We are extremely excited about the 100+ new offerings that we will make available to you over the coming months, but if we’re to fulfill this promise we must move several thousand roses still left from the winter/spring season. To come down from the lofty to the very practical, we have to sell these roses for two important reasons. First, we need the revenue from the sale of these roses to pay the expenses of running the nursery, and, second, we need the space for the young roses now coming out of propagation.

So through the end of June we are offering over 150 varieties at the extraordinary sale price of $8.95 per plant, representing a saving to you of 50-55% off our normal prices!

This is an incredible opportunity for our friends and customers:

If you have ordered from us, you now have a chance to try a number of our other roses.

If you were somewhat hesitant to order because you weren’t certain whether certain roses would do well in your climate, here’s an opportunity to be part of our quest for more information on some magnificent roses about which relatively little is known. Provide feedback to us that will help us grow our database of information, knowing that you have played an important role in assisting others who will follow.

And we know that we are a newer nursery and that some of you may be reluctant to try us. So those of you who fall into this group can consider this a grand “Getting to To Know Us” sale. We are offering over 150 different varieties of roses for just $8.95 each. That’s 50%-60% off our normal prices. Many of these roses are being offered in the United States for the first time and we sincerely hope that this will entice you to give EuroDesert Roses a try. To entice you even more check out out some of the comments from our customers, below.

To those of you who have purchased roses from us in the past, we would like to take a moment to express to you our sincere appreciation. Enjoy the sale. To those of you who are yet to become part of our rose family, why not buy some of these roses at these great prices and Get To Know Us! We have never offered our roses at prices this low, and it’s entirely possible that we never will again. So come join us on our remarkable journey.


Cliff Orent

EuroDesert Roses

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Cliff, I received my box from you yesterday and, what a wonderful surprise!!! I was practically dancing around my yard. My gardening partner was here, and couldn’t figure out what was going on. These babies are beautiful – thank you so very much. I am so excited.

They are certainly NOT what I consider ‘babies’. The root systems are wonderful and they will be waiting out a couple weeks in gallon pots until my new rose bed is completed and they have put on a bit more heft. They did not even look like they had been shipped and it is HOT here!

Again thank you so much for your generosity and for your great communication and stories. I will be back next year, for sure. If I can find more grass to dig up on my property I may be back several times!!!


Check Out These From

Dave’s Garden Watchdog

I can’t say enough about EuroDesert and Cliff. Great communications, wonderful roses, shipped plants look like I picked them up at the nursery.

The selection on his web-site is amazing.

I have rarely, if ever, had such great communication from any vendor. Cliff cares about his customers and his roses, and I have just found my new favorite rosarian.

I am so very glad I found his web-site, and have the chance to ‘play’ with new-to me-cultivars in my rose bed.

A+++++++++++ all the way around! Thanks Cliff!

Chippewa Lake, OH

Gorgeous plants. Good size. Healthy specimens. Cliff Orent is a rosarian genius who runs this delightful rose operation–a truly impressive vendor with his unique selection of roses, first-class communication, personable, knowledgeable, professional and polite customer service and packing methods. EuroDesert Roses is without question the standard for exceptional rose care and retail in my opinion. I definitely give this vendor high marks for its desire to produce quality plant products and to sincerely please its customers. I will be a return customer for sure! Thanks, Cliff!


Introducing Our

End of Season Sale

Over 150 Varieties of Amazing Roses

Just $8.95 each!

Hurry because this sale ends June 30 and you may not see many of these varieties for years to come (because we are also making room for new varieties for fall!).

Here are some details you need to know.

  1. There is a Three Plant Minimum For The Sale Roses. If you don’t purchase three you will be charged normal prices for the roses

  2. You Must Provide at Least Two Alternate Selections. Just in case our inventory gnomes can’t keep up and we sell out of a rose, please provide us with at least two alternate selections during the checkout process. If you do not provide alternate selections we will choose one, If needed, for you.

  3. And Remember that You Maximize Savings by Ordering in Multiples of Five Roses, as we can fit up to five roses in one Priority Mail Flat Rate Box for the same shipping charge. See more on our shipping procedures, below.

That’s All You Need To Know.

Ready to Explore over 150 Extraordinary Roses?

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EuroDesert Roses Spring Sale

Understanding Our Shipping Rates Saves You Money

All orders are shipped U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate Priority Mail. This service allows us to ship up to five band-size pots anywhere in the Continental U.S. for the same flat rate, currently $10.70. Please keep this in mind as you place your order, for you may wish to order in multiples of five band-size plants to take maximum advantage of this low priced shipping option.

Plant Count Shipping Cost

1 to 5 $ 10.70

6 to 10 $ 21.40

11 to 15 $ 32.10

16 to 20 $ 42.80

Please note that we are moving to a slightly large band-size pot which will allow us to provide larger plants to you. As these are phased in, four of these (rather than five) will fit in one flat rate box – still a great deal. We will let you know if this has an impact on your order, but it isn’t likely that this will affect your order until the new roses come on line in the fall.

I’ve always wanted Star of Persia, I do believe this is the only source here in the states.

Purple Skyliner & Ilmenau have caught my eye as well.


The color of the blooms on Ilmenau during the main spring flush was a gorgeous deep maroon. Now as it’s starting to warm up, the color is closer to the red that it’s said to be – also quite beautiful, but not as striking.


P.S. We’re the only U.S. source for most of the roses we offer.