Experiment: H2O2 vs Oxyclean as an initial seed-cleaning tre

As many of you know, last year I discovered that Oxyclean

did a very good job cleaning moldy seeds, apparently

without inhibiting (and possibly encouraging) germination.

This year I decided to try Oxy on freshly shucked seeds.

So far, the results are encouraging, although the effect

on germination rate is yet pending.

On September 30, I separated some Louise Odier seeds into (3) 50 seed batches. Batch 1, I hand cleaned and soaked

the seeds for 24 hours in an Oxyclean solution. Batch 2, I hand cleaned and soaked the seeds for 24 hours in H2O2.

Batch 3, I did not clean the pulp off well, and soaked for

24 hours in H2O2. Here are the results after 49 days of


As you can see, the H2O2 treated seeds have substantial black mold. Interestingly, the uncleaned seeds seem to have less mold than the cleaned seeds.

The Oxyclean treated seeds have no mold. (The dark spots

seem to be discolorations). I plan to hand rinse the moldy

ones to get some of the black mold off, and replace the

paper towels with fresh ones, as that would be the normal way I would treat them. I think I’ll leave the Oxycleaned seeds alone.

It will be very interesting to see if germination is effected.

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Judith, do you know if anyone has tried using oxyclean to help prevent damp off? If oxyclean seems to be better than H2O2 for mold prevention and helps germination then maybe it is better than H2O2 for damp off. I am far from an expert on this but I was just thinking and thought I would mention it.


No, Pat, I haven’t tried it. I’ve found peroxide to be sufficient here to control damp off. I don’t think I would feel comfortable using Oxy on the soil, but if you have some seeds you wouldn’t mind sacrificing, go for it and let us know how you do. Generally when I soak the seeds in Oxyclean I rinse them well afterwards because it seems to leave a slippery film on the seeds. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad, but I prefer to wash it off.

Here in the dry desert I don’t have a big problem with damp off, but when I do have some I use a syringe filled with H2O2 and with a little drop hanging on the end, I just rub it up and down the little stem. Maybe you could try an Oxyclean solution that way?