Excited but too impatient?

This is my first attempt to grow roses from seeds, and I am already excited and curious. In December I collected some red hips from a yellow rose at my work. As I live in Denmark it had already been cold for a while, with temperature below 32 F some nights. I then took out the seeds and put them strait away on a wet toilet towel and sac them at room temperature.

Now it looks like the seed shells are beginning to open op and it

Bo, generally the root starts to emerge fairly quickly, like in a day, however, sometimes the seed just swells and the root never emerges. Sometimes it emerges slowly. How many seeds do you have?

As I understand it, even if the weather is cold, because of

hormones in a hip, little or nor cold stratification occurs

within the hip. Maybe the seeds need some time in the refrigerator.

Chris Mauchline

I would plant them right now if I were you…

It’s easier to plant them now then later because there’s the risk of accidently harming a young seedling.

Thanks for your answers. There are about 20 seed and they all come from one hip.

If the seeds have not been through a stratification due to hormones in the hip, no plants should grow from the seed. So it will be interesting to see what will happen.

I will try to plant some of the soon.

Actually I still have some hips in the refrigerator as I thought that it was possible to get them through stratification in the hips too. But is it not so?