Excess (William Baffin X OP) X OP seeds available

(William Baffin X OP) X OP seeds.

The (William Baffin X OP) mother is a very large plant similar to William Baffin. It starts to bloom later than William Baffin and only has (so far) one period of bloom (the period is relatively long and intense). The flowers were pink, larger than William Baffin, and double. So far no disease and completely winter hardy.

The procedures to request some are:

  1. Please reply by e-mail.

  2. Please send a different e-mail for each request (makes putting into folders straight forward).

  3. Please make sure the name of the rose is on the request.

  4. Please give your name and post office address in a form that I can simply cut out and tape to the package.

  5. Because I use a priority selection process based on when a request is received, please do not send blanket requests (“send me all”) or future requests (“if you decide to distribute XXXXXXX, please send me some”). The only time I do not follow the priority selection process of “first in - highest priority” is if the person has not requested any earlier this season or if the person requesting had sent me one of the parents in that particular cross.

  6. People living in the U.S. And Canada have not reported post office - customs problems. If you request from a different country please be aware that I write: “Contents: Rose Seeds” on the package. It is understood that the requestor is responsible for any expenses that customs requires.

  7. There is no postage charge to the requestor.

Henry, I was under the impression that William Baffin seeds do not germanate. I guess this proves this wrong. Do you remember what percentage of WB seeds germanate. None of the seeds I collected this year germinated, all of which were open pollinated. Does it take them more than a year to germanate?

Sorry, I do not keep such detailed records as to record % germination. I seem to remember that the year that this William Baffin X OP was planted out (1998), I planted 3 of that batch. I think that this was the only one that I kept. It is now a mature plant similar in size to its mother. For crosses I normally have used William Baffin as the pollen parent as it gives so many flowers that there is always one that is at the proper stage of development that I can cut it off, remove the petals, and simply place it face down on the selected mother. The 2 inch by 2 inch zip lock bags that I use to cover the cross holds the two in contact.

I also cannot answer the question as to whether they germinated the first year or not. I do keep my ungerminated seeds from season to season.

Mike Lowe produced the rose “Friends Forever” from a cross of William Baffin X Heritage.

(Sir Thomas Lipton X OP) X OP seeds.

Sir Thomas Lipton is normally sterile. One year I had one branch that formed hips. I got a number of germinations from the seeds ; but I think only 2 survived.