Excess seedlings of several crosses

I have three different groups of crosses that due to their excessive good health have already outgrown their pots and since I can only keep about 10-12 from each cross, will need to be adopted out or culled. The first are crosses with Carefree Copper which was very productive, healthy, and has quite a few extremely healthy, tall, and so far not seemingly very bothered by their confined root space. Very few of these seedling have been culled just because of their good growth, vigor, and general health. So far our strains of BS have not bothered them. A few have been culled for mildew, but that has been a small %. Of the ones that have bloomed they have been shades of salmon, warm pinks, oranges, yellows and combos of those colors. I have seen one pure red dbl. Most will be tall, some are starting to branch.

[attachment 1634 2013newseedlings196.jpg]

The next group is the Rosa foliolosa (hybrid) x Henry Hudson some of which have shown a little leaf burn at their bases due to the heat and wind we had last week. Their seed parent is a vigorous pink with a sibling that is purple and seems to be suffering from the same lack of vigor problem that Bayses Purple experiences: not so with these. Many of these are branching nicely, and there is some variation in size and stem color. The tall ones peeking over the crowd scene are Carefree Copper crosses.

[attachment 1635 2013newseedlings199.jpg]

And lastly if anyone is interested in pure health and vigor (pretty much same as above) is a cross of Rosa wichurana (thornless) x Blush Noisette. These will get big, and a few do have mildew. They are in the least sunny position-short sun day-but most have not been touched by the mildew, and those that are will be culled starting tomorrow. All are branching, have small, short, curved prickles, and will all be probably pale pink or white. If anyone is interested and can use these in anyway to reinforce health in any of their crosses, health is what all of these seedlings have going for them. A very unique (in my experience) feature that all these seedlings have in common is that no deaths have occurred from germination to this point of growth, with very little need to cull except for a few cases of mildew. I have a total of approx. 50 to 65 of each of these.

[attachment 1636 2013newseedlings200.jpg]

Direct mail me if you can use a few of these-even a few of each.

I would wished to have one but the ocean is barrier :slight_smile:

Yup, I’d give some a home to if I was in the US. I know all these customs restrictions are there for a reason, but they are a frustration at times.

Wouldn’t you know it, there are always these things called barriers, like oceans and customs and regulations. But I have found enough willing foster parents, so they do not have to go to the big compost pile in the sky. Thanks, guys.

I’m in Washington and I’m interested! :slight_smile: