European Rose Species

Henry recently posted the link for a thesis on rose genetics by Katrien De Cock. Although it focuses very heavily in the dog roses, it contains a lot of interesting information. The classification of European roses she uses comes from this book:

Henker H. 2000. Hegi Illustrierte Flora van Mitteleuropa. Parey Buchverlag Berlin 2000 pp 1-108.

There are several aspect of this classification that I would like to clarify by reading the treatment of Rosa from this book. For example, it would appear that this author moves the European populations of R. acicularis into R. majalis. I could obtain the rose pages by interlibrary loan, but I cannot read German, unfortunately. I was hoping that someone might either have a version of the Rosa reclassification in English, or access to a text file that could be translated on one of the on-line translation sites.

I think European wild roses could have a lot to offer to the breeders of hardy roses, and I wish there was a source of wild-collected seed of the hardiest types. The garden forms of R. spinosissima that where developed in Britain and elsewhere have great promise, but wouldn