Enrique, I think my weather is finally warm enough


I think it is finally warm enough to send the Abe Basye plant.

Let me know either through the forum or via email if that works for you.



That’s good…

I will send them off, on the first of April–

For those who want to know, the plant he’s talking about is my Abraham Basye X Basye’s Probable Amphidiploid.

It’s a yellow to cream flower with a strong musk fragrance and it has good disease resistance.

I have an offspring of it, a Cologne X “Abe Basye” seedling, and it’s a very slow grower-- but it seems that it will finally put really good growth this year. It has really good resistance, and I hope that its flowers are very fragrant but with some novelty. I hoped, perhaps, a brown type of flower would result from the parentage…



I have sent you the rooted cuttings. Good thing… some of i was dying.

Rob, I only sent you one because I sent you the other rose. Mike, I sent you two to make things fair.

I hope they will survive for the both of you. Please load up pics for people in the future… they seem to be nice roses on their own.

Hello Enrique. Sorry for the delayed response to your posting. I just saw it today. Your Abraham Darby x Basye’s Probable Amphidiploid is doing well after a settling in period. New growth is being put out over the last week and I’m hoping for blooms this season and will post pics of any that show up. Will you be listing this one on HMF? If so, I could post pics there and reference the listing here. Thank you again. I’m excited about working with this one.

I wouldn’t count on blooms this season…

But I do have pics of it.

As I do with R. kordesii X Basye–

my problem is, how do I post them up on helpmefind.com