Enrique, I have a question for you

On HMF you posted a picture of Joan’s Rugosa #3. In the caption of that photo you said you pollinated it with your R. kordesii x Basye’s Probable Amphidiploid seedling.

Did you get any takes from that cross? It sounds like that would be a great combination.



It did take. I did 3 or 4 pollinations, and one took. However, Helacio, our gardner, cut down the plant in half during June after my father had a itty bitty scratch and he threw such a hissy fit about it. I tried to retrieve it but Helacio already took the clipping away in his truck. The plant is back to normal, but this is a cross that I’m going to do… but this time, I’m going to make sure NOBODY touches the plant… trust me. When I’m angry, It’s like Hell broke loose-- and they should remember about that the next time think about cutting down branches with twist ties.

And it is a great combination in my opinion…