Yesterday I was cleaning some seeds because of the mould.

One seed was split open and the embryo got loose.

Is the thing on the left biginning of roots? Is their a possible that it will survive?

Here is the picture:

Yes, carefully replant it as you would a seed. It should be fine. It just beginning to germinate.

I’ve put it in a pot with seed-ground and it’s at the south window. It’s an OP seed from a unknown rose for me. I’ll find out in spring. :slight_smile:

O one thing, I put the embryo back in the shelves of the seed. Is this okee or do I have to plant only the embryo?



It would have been fine to plant just the embryo but if you’ve already put the embryo back in the seed coat and planted it, I would now leave it alone and wait for germination.

Timo wrote :

“I’ve put it in a pot with seed-ground and it’s at the south window”.

I myself would never ever put a new seedling at a south window !

It’s OK if there is no sun all day.

George Mander

It’s still under potting soil and it’s airsealed but I’ll replace it to another window. Thanks for the advice! Must the embryo be on the surface or under potting soil?

This is my first seed ever. :smiley:

It’s going fast now…

I looked under the soil and it was rooting fast. I may damaged some roothairs and hope it will survive.

I thought it was mould…anyway: this is how far it is right now:


Timo, your close-up photos are great! It should do just fine, but take care not to get the surface of the soil too wet.

You might want to “leave it alone”. Rose seedlings can be a bit delicate when handled too much, but can be surprisingly robust if you leave them alone.

Jim Sproul