Edward Hyams

Sorry, but then the foto has t be fake?

“The flowers are yellow, without red blotches at the base of the petals.”

On this foto, there is a blotch … .


Sorry, but still I think its more kind of another phantom … .



Hi Jadae!

Then, gymnocarpa should be a cinnamomea, am I right?

“Phylogeny and Polyploidy in Rosa”

Publication: Article (magazine) published 1938

Author(s): Dr. Eileen Whitehead Erlanson Macfarlane

Notes: In New Phytologist (1938) pp. 72-81.


"1938 - Page(s) 76.

R. gymnocarpa Nutt. It is diploid like its close reative in Asia R. Beggeriana Schrenk."

I have got beggeriana here and a few crossings with it, too.

OK, thats at least a try!



I got a surprise while I was emasculating a blossom today. It appears blotching can appear spontaneously.

This one came out of one of my banksia descendants.

I know Ralph Moore’s Halo roses exploited a similar characteristic discovered in a clone of ‘Anytime’.

I’m going to trying to merge this blotch with the Hulthemia blotch. It could prove interesting.

I’m pretty sure ‘Persian Sunset’ comes out of one of Moore’s Halo series.

See seedling #2 at HMF

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=49800&tab=10

You might be onto something there Robert, that looks very intresting. Good luck with that. I did not get any Persian seeds to germinate last year although I did not have many. I plan on doing my first Persian cross of this year tomorrow morning as I have several flowers that are ready to open on Persian Sunset.


I happen to have pollen of Jim’s “I89-2” handy. I’m going to try it tomorrow.

I’ll likely get seedlings with too many petals but it might be another step in the right direction.

I found a bud on one of my Persian Sunset seedlings today. That makes me happy as I know the odds aren’t in my favor for repeat with these.

Hi robert, I noticed two species in one of my books has a similar issue going on…let me find my book…

k, they are: Rosa stellata mirifica and Rosa palustris.

I think it’s ironic that the hulthemia hybrid crosses I did last season so far have shown no blotch whatsoever, then I happen to find what looks like a blotch on a totally unrelated rose.

I’ll take it and run with it regardless. Roses certainly can be unpredictable. In time I will bend them to my will! lol

Of course who’s kidding who?

Hello Robert,

I wish I had taken a picture that would show it, but I remember seeing somewhat of a “halo” type pattern develop on aging flowers of a seedling – Rosa multiflora X ‘Mutabilis’. The buds were peachy; opened white; and then started to get pinkish before they finished. If I’m remembering it right, the pink was definitely more pronounced around the center. However, it looks like your pink centered flower has just opened (undehisced stamens), so it’s probably something different going on.

In any case, it’s attractive.

Good luck with your plans! Tom

Thanks Tom. The deed is done. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

There are no doubt halos in many varieties. This example happened to hit home for me because I had been dismantling Hulthemia hybrid blossoms looking for blotches when I discovered it.