'Edith Holden'

Wondering whether anyone has ever used ‘Edith Holden’ (see link)? I’ve ordered one for this winter to see if it is as good as Botanica says it is. Do you think it is possible to breed a russet-and-white striped rose?

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.16789.2

Hey Simon,

I tried to grow this bugger three times and it collapsed and croaked each time. I never got to the point of being able to use it in breeding. It sure didn’t like my climate, I hope it fares better for you.

‘Edith Holden’ does well here in Southern CA.

The first one I saw was in Kim’s garden. It was huge there, easily the most vigorous russet I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had the chance to acquire it a few times. I never followed through.

Simon, you’re not the first to attempt a russet stripe using EH. Colin Horner created a stripe out of ‘Edith Holden’ and some other russets awhile back.

see link

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.22983.1

Id love to use Iris Webb. I thought of trying to create something similar with Amber Queen.

It will be interesting to see how it goes here. We don’t get anywhere near as cold as you do Paul but a lot of Teas, and Noisettes seem to struggle here… maybe this one will be a bit better than ‘Hot Chocolate’ which has grown quite well but isn’t what I would call overly vigorous. Robert, I’m thinking I will try and pair this one up with ‘Ebb Tide’ to try for purple stripes in a climber… but I was wondering, in the back of my mind, whether russet stripes would be at all possible… not completely sure I will like the look of russet stripes… but it kinda sounds interesting :slight_smile:

What I meant was… To go through ‘Ebb Tide’ to make purples and THEN through a striped one to try for purple striped climbers LOL…

Russet stripes? Have you seen this sport, Simon?

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.61466

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I have seen that one… and had forgotten about it. That’s really nice and subtle… I wonder how garish it would look if the stripes are completely white???

Yup, Robert, Edith was HUGE! It’s amazing how some British roses respond to the inland, dry desert climate. Sheila’s Perfume, Champagne Cocktail (Horner’s),Margaret Merrill, Forever Amber and a handful of others quickly developed into mountains! I don’t have Edith anymore, but am eagerly awaiting the opening of the first bloom on Iris Webb. I want to mix that one up with Blue For You. THAT is a color!

Tawny Tiger is a russet stripe – starting out dark, dusty orange and fading to russet anyway, and Rusty has a few stripes in a lighter shade of russet about half the time.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?l=21.96831

Kathy, I have been trying to remember the name of that rose for weeks. Thanks for the reminder. I was too lazy to do a search to look it up.

Tawny Tiger and Rusty are awfullllllllllllllll roses. They are weak and full of disease. They really arent even that pretty. Rusty looked worse than an old nail :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, I think both Edith Holden and Iris Webb are bred from the Zorina derived Belinda and not the HMusk version. Zorina has been known to throw mauves, purples and russets.

I actually used Edith Holden as a pollen parent with Magenta, hoping that I could get some odd-colored roses.

Ninety percent of the seeds germinated and flowered, with blooms ranging in color from pink to dark red, and included some oranges. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any flowers with more muted or unusual colors out of the about thirty seeds I sowed.

Most of the seedlings sent up long, floppy canes and looked vigorous when they were growing, but the majority didn’t survive their first winter. We had an unusually wet winter here, which I think was more of a problem than the cold.

Either way, it was worth a shot to see if I could get some interesting colors. :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of the results (I’ll add several more in subsequent posts in this thread, since I can only add one pic per post.)

Magenta x Edith Holden #2

Magenta x Edith Holden #3

Magenta x Edith Holden #4

Magenta x Edith Holden #5

I especially like the first one and the last one Peppa! Our winters, here in Australia, are not overly cold (-7 lows), so I am hopeful that this won’t be an issue. The winters here are, however, incredibly wet, so this concerns me a little.

I have a rather dumb question…

I tend to think of russets as a muddling of “yellows” and “mauves” within one rose. Are there major benefits in utilizing russets to breed russets, or is there not as much validity in, say, crossing an orangey yellow with a mauvey pink?

I’m wading in over my head here, but when a “striped” russet occurs, perhaps then there may be a better likelyhood of russet-on-russet striping (chimera) when both parents had russet tendancies – that is to say if the somatic segregation does not result in either i.e. yellow or mauve stripes on a russet rose. Does Russet x russet perhaps result in a more stable russet under differing weather conditions as well?

(Did that make any sense?)

I have not attempted work with russets, admittedly. I try to avoid any flower that resembles the unhealthy foliage I try to avoid anyway.