Ebb Tide and Midnight Blue

For those of you intrested, I was at the Tyler, Tx rose show this past weekend and saw Ebb Tide in person. Was much more fragrant than Midnight blue and bigger blooms with more petals and should be just as disease resistant as Midnight Blue(which is very, very disease resistant) because it is so closely related. It had quite a few hips on it which jumped in my pocket as I went by. I had 50 hips on Midnight Blue this year and it didn’t even slow it down. It is one heck of a plant. Now we have to find out if either or are good germinating parents. If they are good germinating parents they should sure make some nice crosses with maybe some strong yellows.


Pat, I’ve had the chance to use ‘Midnight Blue’ for several years and it does have good germination. It’s seedlings also seem to have good fertility.

Jim Sproul

I’m looking forward to Ebb Tibe as a garden specimen especially but I do intend on seeing how fertile it is. I’m thinking Distant Drums x Ebb Tide sounds fun.

Jadae, speaking of Distant Drums, you were noting earlier about DD poor germination rate? So far it’s been an early germinator this season for me. Go figure! I did do long soaks based on your experience with it, however - 3 and 4 day bromelain soaks on one batch and a 5 day water soak on another. Both produced early germinations.

Yup. I’m trying again but Im using different pollen parents. I also scrapped Outta the Blue (the pollen parent I was using the most on it).