Congratulations to Harkness and to AARS for introducing a variety which actually lives up to its “disease resistant” hype.

Easydoesit has been clean all summer, and a steady bloomer. The orange to deep pink color change is a bit garish, but is attractive in autumn.

Breeding with it next year should be interesting. Its ancestor Elina won’t set seed, a trait which hopefully didn’t get passed on to Easydoesit.

I have been advised that its pollen parent ‘Baby Love’ (SCRivluv) also has a reputation of unreliable seed set, but I have no idea if that adds to the “risk” in ‘Easy Does It’ being a poor seed setter.

I guess I like garish! I saw this rose for the first time at the Leif Erikson rose garden in Duluth this past July and was quite impressed with the color, form, shape of shrub, foliage, everything. Keep us posted on its breeding potential, ok?

Its a pretty good plant. It looked more pollen friendly than seed friendly by the way the peduncles and hips looked. Its derived from really fertile roses tho. The nice thing about Easy Does It is that it retained the rare color tone from Queen Charlotte, which I grew over a decade ago. It was an awesome HT with the most gorgeous brassed apricot effect I have ever seen. But it LOATHED being pruned and wet soil. It has die back issues here. So it is nice to see that bred out with the retained color tones.


“Easy does” is fertile in both directions as it seems. I did the crossings with my own orange brown seedling from 2003 pollination in June 2010 and some later even in August.

Easy does it x (Tea Time x Terracotta)

(Tea Time x Terracotta) x Easy does it

So far the hips are still green but only few did not work.

I hope that I can breed in the beautiful flower shape and colour of my rose and the non-fading aspect.

That together with the healthieness of Easy does it should be a good combination.



Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?l=21.149015

Lovely seedling, Arno! Best of luck with that one.


Thank you! Today I discussed this seedling and some of the further crossings with Easy does it (and a few other seedlings) with Franz W