Easy Does It - 2010 AARS winner

‘Easy Does It’ is the only AARS winner for 2010. It should have good disease resistance since it is the first AARS winner chosen since they stopped spraying their test gardens. It is a fragrant floribunda bred by Harkness from the cross (Queen Charlotte x Della Balfour) x Baby Love.

Link: www.weeksroses.com/rose_easy_does_it.htm

Sounds interesting: Della Balfour is seedling of Elina which is the only ht healthy enough to survive in our no-spray garden.

Queen charlotte was equally healthy for me. The only reason I got rid of it was because it had severe winter die-back from disliking our super wet winters here. That rose was a power horse, though.

Oh yeah, I saw Easy Does It this summer. I thought it looked small, colorful and healthy, but not different enough from Livin’ Easy to spark my interest.

However, it may be useful in breeding. It may also be useful in breeding for crayon orange-toned roses.