Easlea's Golden Rambler

Has anyone ever used this? i searched the archive but didn’t see anything. It looks really wonderful. Any ideas as to hardiness? Thanks, joe

I’ve never seen it, as such, but it was my best guess regarding the true identity of “Mr. Nash” once upon a time. Of course, abandoning “Mr. Nash” with its myriad problems in my former climate, I stopped worrying about its identity as well! I hope someone has more useful information about it.

Botanica’s Roses has it named also as Golden Rambler, strongly fragrant but the yellow color fades quickly in hot climates with no repeat bloom, zone 4-9, parentage unknown.

The American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses states it has the largest flowers of all once-flowering yellow ramblers. The flowers are very weatherproof and long lasting as a cut flower, zone 6. Bred by Walter Easlea, who started his own nursery near Leigh-On-Sea England. Winner of the National Rose Society Gold Medal 1932.

The pictures show a really beautful creamy yellow/orange very full flower on a shiny leaved vigorous plant. Definitely worth a try - where did you find it available for sale? I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

Hi Lori, i saw it in Hortico while looking for something else. Interestingly, HMF cites both Easlea’s Golden Rambler and Alister Stella Gray as “Golden Ramblers”.