Early pollen production and pollenation success

I was searching for info on success of early pollination and found some info, but after finding a few nice pollen filled Prosperity blossoms ( have picked them, but it was a wet weekend and am not sure they will dry properly), am thinking of gathering it and freezing it for a few weeks . Last year I tried some crosses with Prosperity, but it was in July–without any success. What I am interested in finding out is what is everyone’s success with early pollinations at temps of 40-50F nights, and over 55F days? (I am getting usually in the 60’sF or better daily, except when it rains all day). I will have quite a few blooms in several weeks. Is pollen production and fertility usually as good at med to low temps as it is at med to high temps? And I believe at high (consistently over mid to high 90’s+) the pollen production also decreases? What is your experience with the difference humidity and temperature makes? Jackie