early flowering of seedlings

I have a seedling of R.hugonis x Red Nelly (Single Cherry?.

It is by jan. 5th about 25cm (10") high, has about 10 true leaves and is slightly woody at the base and growing under artificial light.

Is there any chance to get it to flower this spring?

What about placing outside with the next slightly warmer period (-5

I’d make sure anything I did with it wasn’t sufficient to kill it until you have others propagated from it. Though it MAY work, if the genetics are right and if you simulate what it needs to induce it to bloom, but I would doubt it unless the plant is a couple of years old. My 1-72-1 X Hugonis took a few years to flower, and the Fedtschenkoana seedlings and their offspring require several years to first flower. As long as you’re comfortable experimenting on the only plant of the cross, go for it. Without such experimenting, no new knowledge is created.

I second Kim’s comments: I don’t experiment on plants that are sole specimens of a valued cross. If it were me, I’d make sure to propagate it before trying things on it. You risk losing a valuable specimen otherwise.

I’d expect R. hugonis hybrids to take two years to mature to the point of first bloom.

Thank you for you comments and sharing experience that R. hug. seedlings may take several years to flower.

You are surely right that I would