Dumb Question: do I have a mini?

Hi all,

I’ve got three seedlings here, the oldest five months old, which are all mini-sized and producing mini-sized flowers. All were open pollinated, and the place is littered with minis. How long do I need to let them grow before I can be reasonably sure whether or not they are themselves minis?


Hi Fara,

I grow my roses at least one season before I decide their classification, sometimes two years.

I can tell you that you will be absolutely sure of their size after two years…ha ha ha.

Good luck and take care,



Scary thought – what if Monster turns out to be a mini?

Bob in New Orleans

oy, gevalt, I hope not, since neither of her parents are!


Can you really be so sure — rumor has it that Monster is adopted?


whats monster? also 2 years comming up on 1 of my crosses so far mini flora sized blooms. and fragrant!.

Bob, gasp! Adopted? And to think!

Patrick, “Monster” is a seedling I have that outgrew the rest of its “litter” by miles, and is just showing buds for the first time.

Congrats on a fragrant flower, of any size! The world needs more of those!