Double Banksia Cross

This is the only seedling I produced last season from this cross. It’s gaining vigor but I don’t think it will ever be a large plant. Remontancy is good.

I look forward to seeing it when it flushes next Spring.

So far there are no reproductive parts, so this is likely a genetic dead end. I’ll likely repeat the cross next season.


Pretty bloom Robert.

Thanks Rob. I think it’ s looks like banksia which is I guess the point?

Nice! And with no reproductive parts, it may be a wonderfullly continuous and clean bloomer. Genetic dead-end, sure, but as an end in and of itself, it might prove well. I’m curious though, I gather it is 1/16 banksia? How much banksia-ness does this one exhibit?

Thanks Phillip. This is a double banksia cross.

Both parents are banksia hybrids. We don’t know how much banksia is present in the pollen parent.

Influence from banksia is more than 1/16 but we’ll never know how much more without genetic testing.

Mansuino doesn’t give us the lineage of his hybrid.

Yes, this seedling might be an end unto itself.

We’ll have to wait to see how good it is. At any rate it is the only recorded hybrid combining two disparate hybrid banksia lines I’m aware of.

I’m pleased the blossom shows so much banksia influence in form color and fragrance.


On HMF you wrote about your seedling: >

Not so as Quinto’s son Dotore Andrea Mansuino bred from them at least a set of florist roses that could be qualified as long stemmed miniatures. Some were commercially grown here french Riviera some 30 years ago.I got cuttings some ten years ago and found them blackspot succeptible and with low fertility as if triploid. He said me they found a market in Japan. They were never registered but mentioned in HMF: >

With a mistake: I grew Generosa and is a long stemmed miniature not large flowered nor an HT. And a contradiction McCann citation attribute Generosa to Andrea when HMF says it is from Quinto.

This is good to know Pierre. I’ve never read Sean’s article.

Do you know which Quinto Mansuino Banks hybrid Andrea Mansuino used to make his crosses?

Do you know what year it was he last utilized them? It’s interesting they weren’t taken any further? I wish this work had been registered and better documented.

‘Letizia Bianca’ is important to me as a new source of banksia lineage but lacks vigor.

Now I have a third and possibly even a fourth source of new and vigorous banksia genes if these new sources prove fertile.

Thanks, Robert

Some ten years ago Andrea was discreet to secretive about which of his father banksiae hybrid he used even when I asked and wanted to look at them.

I did not take them further but Andrea may.

Thanks Pierre. I guess I still have the only recorded cross?

It’s too bad Andrea is so secretive.

I admit that I am becoming more guarded but on the other hand these types of crosses do no good unless others know they are possible.