Don, your embryo culture works!!!


Thought that I would post a picture of my first successful embryo cultured seedling. To say the least I’m pretty excited about the prospects with your instructions.

This is from Honey Perfume OP hip. I destroyed a lot of seeds before I managed to get a few to actually grow.


Congratulations Jeff.

Could I get a copy of your protocol for this tissue culturing? I have some experience with Phalanopsis orchids and tobacco.and I have a working(ish) lab in my basement. Do you know if there has been any work on pollen germination?

Here’s the thread that Don began in the RHA Forum.

Here’s the link to Don 's information.

This isn’t tissue culture. It deals with extracting the embryo from the cement surrounding it;)

Hi Jeff,

Glad to see you are making progress.

I’ve had a pretty severe disk crash and lost my email address book so I haven’t yet notified you that the seeds you sent me arrived last week and are in the fridge awaiting extraction, thanks very much.

Johannes, good luck with your embryo culture. You’ll see that it is much easier than tissue culture, but I’ve got some ideas for that too if you want to pursue it. Drop me a note and we can discuss it.


Glad you got the seeds. I hope they germinate for you.

I just went through the hard drive crash. What a pain.