Does Via-gra (sildenafil citrate) help pollination?



A very recent follow-up paper is available at:


Hi Henry: I know it is Friday and I assume it must be a full moon also. You are a brave soul to tackle this one. I knew it help pollination in people, but Roses, too? Even if it is true, what kind of mad scientist would dream up such a study. Can’t wait to see where this thread goes.

Bob in New Orleans

At the very least it will help roses with weak necks.

Plants and animals have many chemical processes in common. i.e. nature has only so many reactions involving carbon based systems to draw on. This is one of the reasons that I am skeptable of claims that such and such a pesticide only affects plants not animals.

Here is another via-gra plant scientific study:


Henry may have gotten to the heart of the matter. I was workng in a hospital in '77 and a pharmaceutical rep whom I was talking with gave me a sample of birth control pills in the little one month plastic container. In our chat, he mentioned that dissolving a pill in water helped plant growth in general (I can’t remember now if we were discussing specifically seed starting or rooting cuttings). Since I was a long time avid hortaholic even then, I was happy to receive the sample. I never did get to use them (ON THE PLANTS)and see for myself but it goes along with what Henry said on the above response which jogged my memory apparently.

Another nitrous oxide pollen paper:

Note the following statement on page 24:

“Our findings also predict an intriguing parallel with sperm‑egg interactions in animals, where NO and ROS are known to interact in processes such as sperm capacitation.”


This all makes me wonder if neem oil can prevent sexual reproduction in plants, too.

The following paper reports the results of using sildenafil citrate to increase rooting:

Page 1243:

"Nondepleted explants were treated with different

concentrations of the PDE inhibitor sildenafil citrate.

Figure 4A shows a 300% increase of root number in

cucumber explants treated with 0.5 and 1 mg mL1 of

sildenafil citrate in comparison with control explants."


Similarity of pathways in plants and animals:

2 RHA threads concerning NO and seed germination: