Does this look like a hybrid rugosa to you all?

OP Carefree Delight seedling. I chose it because it was different than the others in growth pattern, amount of prickers, and rather rugose foliage.

Seems to be completely disease free (even in shade- much better than Carefree Delight). This is only it’s second year(first bloom), but it’s going to be a monster.

Blooms look like they could be CD OP?

or maybe it’s CD x Ballerina?

I was looking at ‘Moore’s Striped Rugosa’ whose foliage has a similar look…


See the foliage also looks reminiscent of the kordes roses which have hybrid rugosa in them…if so, dad would be ‘alba’.

This foliage looks fairly typical of the R. multiflora aspect of the Polyanthas. I think you’re looking at the polyantha influence from ‘Yesterday’, not Rugosa.

My intuition is in total agreement with Paul - I was also thinking that it’s the multiflora influence.

In agreement with Paul and Tom, when I can get past the size of that leaf in your hand. The anthers in the blooms turning brown rapidly is a very multiflora thing, but the volumn of anthers is getting away from the multifloras.

Ok. Thank you all. That’s what I wanted to know.

One last comment, I noticed Yesterday’s dad was Ballerina. I have Ballerina and so I wasn’t too far wrong to think that perhaps Ballerina had some influence in it.

The foliage looks very much like R. Multiflora.

My guess has always been that Ballerina is a direct cross with Rosa multiflora and a polyantha.

Jadae, I would have to agree. Ballerina is listed as a hybrid musk, but it sure looks a lot like R. Multiflora and its hybrids. I have never seen the musk rose. Does it look like R. Multiflora?

Actually, the name “Hybrid Musk” is a bit of an inaccuracy, since most of the Hybrid Musk group is descended from R. multiflora, not R. moschata at all. Most of the Hybrid Musks came out of ‘Trier’ which has no R. moschata in it, just R. multiflora.

Carefree Delight makes lots of seedlings (50-75/year/plant).

Every now and then one stands out. I always dust it half-heartedly with Robin Hood, Ballerina, Rugosa, John Franklin, etc)…but I don’t take it too seriously (I have others that I’m more interested in…KO is still my fave).

This years CD “selection” is a double red (but it seems prone to disease like most of the others).

I also have four Ballerina seedlings this year. One is disease free and growing great(but hasn’t bloomed). One is blooming it’s heart out right now (double white), but not growing (which seems rather typical of seedlings from other “hybrid musks” like Robin Hood or Prosperity). Ballerina throws out a lot of white, sick seedlings that die. I’ve heard that it was perhaps virused. My most vigorous seedling of it shows no signs of that though.

Even with several hundred seedlings of CD and some Ballerina, none of my others grow/look like the one shown above.

While we are on the subject of hybrid rugosas, what are some good ones?

I can only think of one on the spur of the moment that I’m wanting, ‘Mistress Quickly’.

(My ‘Moore’s Striped Rugosa’ is looking great though.)

Jens Munk and Rosa rugosa alba are among my faves.

Good Rugosas for breeding? Or just all purpose garden shrubs?

See, that’s a difficult question. For breeding, yes. But not easy breeding. I’m more fond those that want to be difficult and don’t give much seed. It makes me value the seedlings more…that’s why I was/still am sorta interested in Topaz Jewel. (I tend to work with triploids alot I’ve noticed and I’m more interested in the wider interspecific hybrids). I want disease resistance…don’t mind singles.

I have alba and rubra. sandy

And I do want Jens Munk. She’s on my list, I had just forgotten about her.